How do I approach making art every day?

How do I know? Drawing Luke Hockley.

How do I know? Drawing Luke Hockley.

Every day I invite myself to...

Make stuff happen now. Do it, don’t talk about it. Leap from the ledge into the everything that matters to me. Make it up as I go.

Laugh on the way down. Don’t take failure too seriously. Don’t get wrapped up in success. Treat everything as information that can help me take the next step.

Find my people and hug them a lot. Be bold faced and courageous in my hunt for the people who get me. Hug and be hugged. Every day. Actually, metaphorically, share and receive the love as much as I can.

Be a fierce defender of the right to art. Know its value and vote for it with my feet. Participate as a viewer, as a casual maker, as a professional.

Know thyself. Because it makes me more generous, more kind, more selfless, more able to forgive the fallibility of my fellow passengers. More able to give my gifts in service of the greater good.

Invest my attention, money and time thoughtfully. I become what I invest in. Make choices, refuse to be seduced by bright shiny things that give me gas. Water the pot plants that I want to grow.

I've made it. Drawing Luke Hockley.

I've made it. Drawing Luke Hockley.

The rose mystery.


Some beautiful person dropped these off at my studio yesterday! 

I wasn't here...apparently they are from Genevieve but we may have that name wrong. 

Can anyone shine some light on this mystery? I'd love to be able to say thank you to whomever it was.