Street Sounds

Wild sounds from the ZOO

So I’m standing in Melbourne Zoo at Midnight with Matt Wicking singing me a song about humanity. Afterwards we’re chatting about why Matt makes music and about half way through our conversation a Macaw joins in.

Matt is an artist who was a fellow at the Centre for Sustainability Leadership in 2012. He is a compelling voice in both tone and content.

You can check out (by which I mean go over there and buy) his music at:



K-Lee in Degraves Street, Melbourne

One Sunday I ran into K-Lee while I was wandering through Degraves Street – the unofficial centre of coffee and street life in Melbourne. K-Lee has a magnetic presence and a great voice. Every time I listen to him freestyle the lyrics to this track I find something new. Enjoy.

You can find more of K-Lee’s music at:

James Leahy in Sydney

Recently Luke was roaming the streets of Sydney and ran into the delightful James Leahy. In a busy thoroughfare he was belting out his heartfelt tunes – and he agreed to let Midnightsky record a track for Street Sounds – the Sydney edition!

Show him some love at…

What is Street Sounds? Street Sounds is a Midnightsky project where we wander the streets and record people who are using story and song to transform the world into a more balanced, knowledgeable and self-aware place.

Lucas & Jim in Melbourne

This is the first of our street sounds series. Where we hit the streets to record people sharing stories through sound and music. We found Lucas Paine and Jim Power outside a shopping centre in Northcote, Victoria.

I asked if I could buy a song… So they played a beautiful version of one of Lucas’ songs – ‘can’t sing no darkness’ – well worth a listen…

You can find more of Lucas’ music

Jim Powers also plays in a band called Ducks in the Mud which you can check out here