Wrong way. Go back.

I was just running into Fitzroy to go to training with Nick and as I was running along I heard a car beeping its horn and someone yelling out the window.  

I looked up and saw something that didn't compute. 

There was a car driving the wrong way down the road. I was very confused.  

As luck would have it they turned the corner towards where I was waiting for the lights to change and I could check if they were ok.  

Just a confused driver who had no idea what they had just done. I tried to gesture to them but they waved me away.  

It was quite disorienting.  

I don't know why but after they waved me away I did two weird things. I crossed the road against a red light (I checked it was safe...but no idea why I crossed at this time) and I ran onto the team line I stead of the footpath (which also could have been dangerous but wasn't).  

What I don't get is why someone else messing with the norms made me so uncomfortable and confused. 

It has made ne réalise just how much I rely upon every one following the norms!