The Friendship Tree Print


The Friendship Tree Print

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The Friendship Tree Drawing by Luke Hockley.

Printed on stone and hand framed in recycled wood.

Two sizes available:
21cm x 15cm - $150 inc GST. Plus $5 Postage
15cm x 10cm - $100 inc GST. Plus $5 Postage

Each print is hand signed and dated by Luke on the back and comes with a hand signed copy of the Dear Self letter that lives with this print - The Friendship Tree. You can read it here. 
Find out more about this print below.

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Who is this picture for?

When I wrote the story of The Friendship Tree I was thinking a lot about friendship and how I wasn't really that good at it! This picture came out of a particularly intense time for me where I came to realise the act of friendship involved allowing people to see me and catch me when I failed at things. More than that, I saw that I wanted to be a part of a community of people who were catching and being caught by each other every day. In the story the Friendship Tree only comes to life when many smaller trees join together to catch a friend who is falling.

This image reminds me of those special people who have caught me and those moments when I have been trusted with the privilege of catching a friend in need.

I would say you may want The Friendship Tree in your life if you would like to be reminded of your desire to be a part of this kind of community, or of special people who are there to catch you, or of that moment you had the opportunity to catch someone you care about.

You also may want to give it as a gift to someone to thank them for catching you or remind them that you are there for them when they need it.

What makes this an ethical product?

This product has to be one of the most sustainable ways you could buy a piece of framed art.

Tony Knoll at Panelpop hand crafts every single frame from recycled timber. He knows the story of every piece of the wood he uses and hand picks a frame that he thinks will make the drawing come to life. 

The surface is the most unusual cool, smooth surface to touch, made from ceramic and printed via a special UV printer, the effect is unique.

Each framed print is different, so the image is only a guide. Tony will choose a slightly different wood and may crop the image with slight variations (based again on the individual frame). The images often print partially onto the wooden frame. All variations are part of what make these frames so special.

The letter that comes with the print is printed on recycled paper.

At this stage they are only available in Australia - sorry!