I am an artist and activist.

I write, draw, sing, dance, sew, tell stories and make live theatre.

I want the things I make to be a catalyst for positive change in the world. I want to inspire people to believe they can create the kind of world they want to live in.

I think there is a whole lot of people out there standing on the edge of a cliff staring at everything that matters to them and I want them to leap because they have the confidence in themselves and their community.

Dear Self is a public daily letter to myself. Each day I sit down and write a letter to myself as a dedicated act of self-reflection. This daily ritual has made my life much richer. I share this letter to inspire others to be curious about what their conversation with themselves may be. It has grown into a live theatre show...who knows what's next.

Campfire is a family concert where everyone is family. A performance created by artists and audiences to celebrate, share knowledge and create lasting community connections.

And then I do everything else. The Everything is a sketch book of finished, half finished and forming ideas. Somethings go on to become a thing, others don't...

I also like to teach people as an important way of feeding my creative work. I teach three things. How to live with purpose, how to communicate well (from professional performers to everyday talkers) and how to move well (pain free, efficient and effective movement). I use the Alexander Technique as my foundation for teaching, as well as drawing on my diverse life experiences.

I trained as an acrobat when I was a kid. Then went to University and became a dancer and actor and teacher. I worked as a dancer for many years. I then studied graphic design and then I trained as an Alexander Technique teacher (I've stopped going to Uni now...for the time being). 

I also sometimes help organisations solve the problem of how to connect their story and their strategy, visit Midnightsky to see how that works.