Cressida Bradley  & Luke Hockley.  Image by Natasha Blankfield -  The Shot

Cressida Bradley & Luke Hockley.
Image by Natasha Blankfield - The Shot

Listening by hand.

A woman enters a room and sits in a chair. Opposite her a man sits hand sewing a shirt for himself. Over a cup of tea, the woman speaks. The man listens with an open heart. They continue for 20 minutes. The woman leaves. The man, still sewing, waits as another woman sits in the chair and begins to speak...

By listening to a woman speak of her experiences as a woman whilst I make my own shirt, I hope to challenge the sometimes-unhealthy power dynamic between genders. 

This work is performed for one audience member at a time. The audience member speaks. The performer listens.

*Includes anyone who identifies as female.

Listening by Hand premiered at the 2018 Melbourne Fringe Festival and was awarded the Melbourne Fringe Festival Award for Best Live Art work.

The work was performed on the following dates:
Saturday 15th, 22nd and 29th of
September 2018. 4pm - 8pm.
Each performance was for one person (who identified as female) only and last approximately 20 minutes. Tickets were free.

Concept and performance: Luke Hockley
Experience Design: Maree Cochrane



Listening by Hand is made possible by the efforts of the I’m Listening Community who have committed to making more space for the voices of all women. The community raises awareness by proudly sharing and living the “I’m Listening” message.

You can find out more or get involved here.