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The craft of curation.

The Weekly Service presents

Mini-masterclass | The craft of curation w/ Matt Wicking
Wednesday March 7th, 6.00pm – 8.30pm
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We love curating spaces for story and conversation at The Weekly Service: the kind of spaces where unexpected openings occur, where connection emerges and people feel comfortable being radically honest.

Facilitating connection is a craft and like any craft it can help to have a guide. Someone to point out the subtleties that inspire us to take a leap towards making it our own.

Luckily, we have Matt Wicking (facilitation extraordinare). With his guidance, across a 2.5hr workshop we will explore:

• Principles for ensuring people feel welcome and heard
• What makes a space feel safe
• How to maintain that sense of safety
• How to create the right environment for the storyteller so that they and the audience can get the most out of their story
• How to foster conversation and group discussion around important topics
• How to be a grounding voice of clarity when needed

Matt will be assisted by Luke Hockley.

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The art of storytelling.

The Weekly Service presents

Mini-masterclass | The art of storytelling w/ Luke Hockley
Tuesday March 6th, 6.00pm – 8.30pm
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Stories create bridges between us. The Weekly Service is a space for people to share real, authentic and vulnerable stories; stories that draw from lived experience - we call these 'ideas with heart'.

In this workshop communication and storytelling magician Luke Hockley from Midnightsky, will take you on an experiential learning journey that helps you to find and shape an idea with heart to share in public.

During the workshop you will:
• Get practical support to “Stand somewhere and say something”.
• Find your feet and practice ‘being seen’ as a storyteller.
• Uncover and build confidence in your story
• Practice vulnerability, authenticity and courage in storytelling
• Improve your skills and confidence in public speaking. Including how to structure your story for engagement and impact.

Luke will be assisted by Matt Wicking.

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