DEAR SELF - Friendship

I've had such a great time peforming Dear Self - Friendship as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival that I have decided to embark upon the Dear Self Friendship tour.

I'm touring the show to loungerooms, scout halls and make shift venues all over the world in partnership with my friends (both old, new and yet-to-be).

If you would like to be a host on the Friendship tour so that we can share this piece with you and your friends get in touch.

Each show is a private event, exclusively for friends of the host and people on my mailing list (hint, hint). See tour dates below and click the link to book using the code you will have recieved from me/the host.

So excited!



- Sunday November 5th. Alice and Sara's place.
(You will need a password - if you live nearby and would like to come email me to get the details...

Become a Dear Self - Friendship Host

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What is Dear Self - Friendship all about?

Dear Reader,

For the past 600 days, every day, I’ve written a public letter to myself. I go deep and open up to myself. And then I hit publish. The resulting letters are tender, revealing, laugh-out-loud-funny, sad and true.

Friendship is a frequent visitor in my daily letters. In this performance I read letters and tell stories about how I came to terms with loving and being loved by my friends.

It is a private reading by lamplight, a night of storytelling. A creative exploration of friendship through performance and song.

I’m a writer, drawer and performer. I make live theatre in order to reflect the world as it is and help us all imagine the world as we would like it to be.

Coming along will inspire you to think about the people who are closest to you.

I’d love you to spend a night with me reflecting on love, vulnerability and friendship.


Ps: you can read my daily letters here.

Some lovely people have already had a chance to see the performance.
Here is what some of them said...

“... presence, humour, wisdom, kindness, generosity, stillness and intelligence.”
Cameron – Audience.

“Every inch of what you did is authentic, truthful and honest.” Henry – Audience Member.

“What a special night”
Deb – Audience.

“As much as I love reading your letters online... being able to listen to and watching you has been one of the most powerful experiences... ”
Jana – Audience.

“I feel like I have just happened upon a desert cacti on the one rare night that the full moon shines on it and it flowers, briefly and wonderfully.”
Beth – Audience member.

“It was moving, sad and wonderful.”
Riley – Audience.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. Tonight was filled with so much warmth, honesty, rawness, compassion... so much humanness. It was as intimate as sharing tea with a dear friend and as expansive as standing on a cliff top with the stars shining like the hope in your heart.”
Sarah - Audience.