The thing with sewing is…

The thing with sewing is… Drawing Luke Hockley.

The thing with sewing is… Drawing Luke Hockley.

Dear Self,

Here’s the thing with sewing…it’s never particularly straight forward.

Maybe I should be more specific…

The thing with drafting the pattern for and hand stitching a shirt from scratch is that…it’s never particularly straight forward.

This is where we are…

I have one shirt pattern that fits beautifully, but doesn’t include a yoke, which makes the shirt stronger. A yoke would be great on this shirt because it is reasonably fitted…and also the collar fits beautifully…but I’m not that happy with the shape. Seems simple…just put a yoke in the shirt and put a nicer collar on it.

I think it is that simple…but these things can cascade like a house of cards. And even if they don’t it’s the pattern drafting, cutting and making to test that takes all the time.

Also, I have just finished making a trial of a different shirt. I pulled apart one of my favourite shirts (that had started to fall apart) and built a pattern from it. The good news is that it is almost a perfect replica of the original! The bad news is that the original, now I look at it closely, didn’t quite fit me perfectly around the neck. I need to add another centimetre or so…I have enough experience to know this one is a house of cards…adding a centimetre to the neck either is totally absorb-able in the existing pattern…or requires me to change the neck-line which means I may need to fiddle with the front pieces which could…well I don’t quite know.

Thing is, all of that is actually quite interesting to me.

Why do I look at it like it’s a problem?

It’s a desire to complete something. An old habit of seeing the finished shirt as the goal. Rather than the process of creating it. What happens then is that I avoid tackling these tasks and the finished shirt gets further and further away.


The reason I’m doing this is that I am curious about how all the parts of a shirt fit together.

I’d better go and find out!



— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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