Our Hugh Jackman

Our Hugh Jackman. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Our Hugh Jackman. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Dear Self,

As the result of a random gift from someone we had never met (via a very generous Aunty Rosemary) we just had the pleasure of spending an evening being entertained by Hugh Jackman.

It was all kinds of fabulous.

But my absolute favourite part of the evening was the memory of my Aunty Loris proudly displaying a newspaper cut out of ‘our Hugh’ on her fridge…telling me incredulously of her niece (my cousin) who could have married Hugh.

She liked Hugh for the same reason we like Hugh. He’s so damn nice, talented, hard working, entertaining and generous.

I loved the show. And I loved having Aunty with me again for an evening.

Thanks Hugh.



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