A rare glimpse of success.

A rare glimpse of success. Drawing Luke Hockley.

A rare glimpse of success. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Dear Self,

I had dinner tonight with a good friend who has been watching all my adventures in art and life for quite a while and she said to me…

“You should feel really proud of what you’ve done, you’ve been working at all of this for a long time, and it’s working.”

It was nice to step back for a moment and look at this. It is so easy to get caught up in working on making things just that little bit better.

But this. This right now. This life I have. I am blessed. I feel alive. I feel connected and loved. I feel creative. I feel of use to the world. I have purpose.

It’s a rare glimpse of success.

It’s worth remembering it's the glimpse that’s rare not the success. I suspect I am this ‘successful’ all the time, I just forget to look up and see it.

Or maybe I don’t think I’m allowed to look up and see it. That if I look directly at it, it will evaporate.

It’s time to get over that and enjoy what’s happening here, now, as often as I can.

It’s a total joy to be enjoying my life, just as it is.



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Day 1,241

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