Accepting this moment.

Accepting this moment. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Accepting this moment. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Dear Self,

‘Acceptance’ is something I think about a lot.

I think I might be really good at it when the stakes are low and not so good at it when they are high.

When things are really difficult I still think about acceptance…but I reckon I do it in a way that is less acceptance and more…

‘I’ll just keep telling myself that I accept this circumstance until it’s over and I no longer have to accept it’.

Which is actually denial.

Acceptance is saying…

‘This is my situation. I am open to it changing but I accept that this is where I am right now.’

The distinction is subtle, but very important.

I’m not accepting this thing if I’m really just holding on for the moment when it is gone.

Tricky. Very tricky.

Because I also don’t want to get stuck in defining myself by the thing that I have accepted.

Accepting this moment as it is.

Open to this thing changing at any moment.

Any wonder I was tricking myself, that’s really hard.



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