A physical metaphor.

A physical metaphor. Drawing Luke Hockley.

A physical metaphor. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Dear Self,

When I am going through physical discomfort, I like to ask myself about what kind of life metaphor this physical discomfort might represent.

Because sometimes I find there is a direct relationship between the things I’m going through and the experience of my body.

Right now, I am experiencing a weight upon my shoulders. I’m doing more work in my head and neck than is required and I’m not letting the weight I am carrying be distributed all the way through my postural system into the ground.

Because I don’t have the foundations firing (through my legs and pelvis and spine) then the parts of me that are designed to be agile, fluid and powerful are ending up all tight, restricted and cautious.

I feel that finding and energising my base (legs, pelvis and spine) so that I can ‘leave’ my head neck and arms to be moveable (rather than worrying them into tightness) is going to be important right now.

What’s the metaphor for me in all this.

I think it is about acknowledging and reaching out to the people who are my support system.



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