Keep moving, gently.

Keep moving, gently. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Keep moving, gently. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Dear Self,

All the muscles in my back are very sore.

Spasming even.

Not an extreme, I can’t move, I’ve done some real damage kind of spasm.

More…a bit tight, and then…oh – I’ve cricked my neck damn it…kind of spasm.

Obviously, this is me responding to my new adventures in moving again. For the last few years I have been reasonably fit, but it has been a weightlifting at the gym kind of fit. Not a move through three-dimensional space kind of fit.

My instant response though is to assume there is some big problem. I’m worried that if my body responds like this maybe I am too old to move in this way? To be clear…I haven’t been doing anything extreme…for a dancer – but given I haven’t danced full time for quite some time, I suppose the range of movement, even if done gently, is going to stir things up.

Anyway, I was all worried. And then I remembered one of the first professional jobs I had as a dancer. I worked for a dance theatre company in Brisbane that used ballet as its foundation technique (which I had never done).

I remember waking up every day and running a super-hot bath and easing myself into it to try and get my back muscles to release. They were so tight and sore!

I was very young at the time.

So, I think this might be one of those things that happen when you get moving again. The solution at the time was to keep moving.

I think that’s the message here.

Keep moving, gently.



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Day 1,152

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