Why am I moving?

Why am I moving? Drawing Luke Hockley.

Why am I moving? Drawing Luke Hockley.

Dear Self,

A few years ago, I used to be a full-time contemporary dancer.

Moving all day was something I loved. When I think of this time I feel a sense of completeness.

For a bunch of reasons, I stopped doing this full time.

One of the questions I had at the time was “Why am I dancing?”.

At the time dancing was my movement practice and it was my artform. I wouldn’t even have been able to separate these two things. I wouldn’t have known these two things were two parts of what I was doing. If you asked me, I would have just said I was a dancer.

Over the last decade or so I have unwoven these two things, accidently really.

I have looked to other forms to ask questions of the world as an artist and to keep myself moving.

I’ve discovered a lot about what I want to say as an artist…and that moving is one language to say that stuff with, but not the only and perhaps not my most powerful.

Also, I have just today realised, I am passionate about moving, full stop. Completely separately to the body’s ability to make art from moving. That moving is a human right. And that I once again want a life that involves a lot of moving.

“Why am I dancing?” has become “Why am I moving?”. The answer is pretty simply “Because I’m alive”.



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