One thousand days.

One thousand days. Image Eliza Muirhead.

One thousand days. Image Eliza Muirhead.

Dear Self,

Today is a celebration.

A celebration of seeing myself, every day for 1,000 days.

A celebration of kindness and self-love.

It has been days and days and days of discovery and sadness and joy and insight and loneliness and inspiration and, and, and…

Writing to myself everyday was a turning point.

It feels like, in these 1,000 days, I have pulled up more of the weeds and have grown more towards the sun than ever before. Maybe that’s just because I have a record of the changes, a reference point for the transformation. Maybe I can just see the progress better than ever before.

But I think it is more than that.

Being in this daily conversation has meant it has been harder to pretend. Harder to keep doing the things that I do to get in my own way.

Or, rather…it has meant it has been easier to be kind to myself about all the things I do that don’t lead me on the path I would like to walk upon.

And, it has made it much clearer how often I am running full pelt along the path I want to live. And just how good that feels.

And how many people I am running alongside.

That’s probably the biggest thing about this 1,000-day adventure.

This commitment to seeing myself every day has shown me how much I belong.

It has shown who I belong with.

So today, Self, I celebrate our 1,000 days of daily conversation.

It’s a joy and a privilege.



— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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