The dinosaur roars.

The dinosaur roars. Drawing Luke Hockley.

The dinosaur roars. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Dear Self,

The dinosaur has power.

He roars.

He feels the power.

And roars.

But power is on the move.

It appears in unexpected places.

It shocks the dinosaur to see the power outside of himself.

He believes that he owns the power.

That the power is rightfully his.

But the power is moving, morphing, shifting.

He roars louder. He roars wounded.

He roars sad and scared.

But no one ever taught him how to be sad. How to feel scared.

So, he roars louder and louder.

He starts to look silly.

Roaring when he is scared and sad and worried.

They start to laugh.

He is mortified. He is furious. He is fierce. He is outraged at the humiliation and injustice.

But, surprisingly, these feelings don’t kill him.

He wakes up the next morning and he is still alive.

And the power is sitting in the room looking at him.

He sees the power.

He understands the power is not him.

He understands the power does not owe him anything.

He understands the power is dangerous.

He understands that he does not own the power.

He understands that the power is safer if everyone is holding a little bit rather than him holding it all.

He thinks about this.

He thinks that maybe today he will let the power be with everyone rather than with just one.

The dinosaur lets the power go.


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Day 941

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