Woke bloke.

Woke bloke. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Woke bloke. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Dear Self,

Today at the gym something fantastic happened.

One bloke asked another bloke to pack away his weights (he’d left all the weights he had been using on the leg press machine thingy) because other people sometimes can’t get the weights off the machine (he specifically referenced older women, but there would be men who would struggle as well).

It was awesome.

The other bloke agreed and just put all the weights away.

Like he should have in the first place.

Both seemed like nice guys.

One of them was just acting like the world would help clean up after him…

I think this is that invisible privilege thing at play. I don't think the guy had even thought about anyone else struggling to use the machine with his weights loaded on it…he was just like ‘I can lift it no problem…so that will be fine for everyone else to lift’.

Also, though…it’s just good manners to put your god damn weights away.

The woke bloke who spoke up, what a legend, was a bit apologetic for saying anything.

He can sleep well tonight knowing I was quietly high fiving him.



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Day 938