A golden thread by the fire.

A golden thread by the fire. Drawing Luke Hockley.

A golden thread by the fire. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Dear Self,

I’ve just been mending a pair of jeans by the fire.

I’m staying at my friends Henry and Harriet’s place, they bought a winery and had a baby (in the same month) and are understandably very, very, busy!

They are kind enough, though, to let me come and stay.

I noticed that Henry had a massive rip in the backside of his jeans…so I offered to mend it.

I’ve taken to mending my clothes with a gold thread. I believe there is a Japanese tradition of doing the same with broken pottery. The glue it back together and paint the crack in gold as a way of highlighting the perfection of imperfection.

Sitting in front of the fire mending Henry’s jeans with a golden thread with the sound of Henry and Harriet singing their album of baby songs to Alby as they change his nappy makes me feel like everything is ok.

Henry’s face, when he put his jeans on that no longer showed his undies, was perfection.



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