The question of the end.

The question of the end. Drawing Luke Hockley.

The question of the end. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Dear Self,

Finishing things is an art form.

One I’m not particularly good at.

What does the end of something look like, how can I do it with a bit of style, elegance even?

What if the end isn’t obvious?

How do I pick it?

What if I am in charge of the end and I don’t know when to call it?

I’ve lost touch with all the things I make, I’ve become overwhelmed with the pressures of the everyday. That means that I can’t really see my own creative vision, I don’t believe it exists or feel its pulse.

Which means today is the wrong day to be negotiating the end of anything. Today is the day to be curious, to rediscover, reimagine. It's a day to be practical, to tick things off the list, to catch up with the momentum I already have.

Then, after that, I can revisit the quest of the end.



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