No end in sight.

No end in sight. Drawing Luke Hockley.

No end in sight. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Dear Self,

I tend to perform best when I have a clear finish line.

I rally.

I’m able to muster strength I didn’t know I had, hold on, deal with the discomfort, because I know when it is all going to finish.

Without the end in sight I can suddenly lose all focus, become weak, fall over unnecessarily.

The story I am telling myself about the task I am doing is very important to how I perform.

With this daily letter to you…there is no end in sight. I have purposefully left the goal posts out, I have created a daily practice that isn’t about achieving anything.

That can be really hard some days.

Perhaps the biggest thing I am learning is how to focus on exactly what I am doing now, how to be in the practice of this thing, whatever it is, rather than always looking out to the horizon.




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