One stitch.

One stitch. Drawing Luke Hockley.

One stitch. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Dear Self,

I often have a desire to be finished something before I have even started it.

That’s what this decision I have made to hand stitch a shirt is such a philosophical challenge…and such a good reminder to me that my values are better reflected by paying attention to each moment as it happens.

I don’t think this means that the goal disappears completely.

I’m still sewing the shirt.

But at any one moment I am only able to do one stitch, that’s it.

If I can accept that, then I enjoy the process of each stitch.

If I don’t, if I get all lost in getting this row of stitching finished so I can move onto the next bit, then I get all tight and don’t enjoy the process of making the shirt…which is completely pointless. Because I could just use the sewing machine to sew the shirt much faster…or better still I can just buy myself a shirt. Much easier.

It is the investment of time that is interesting to me.

So, let’s pay attention to that.



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