The daily chores.

The daily chores. Drawing Luke Hockley.

The daily chores. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Dear Self,

After Campfire last night I just want to lie on the couch and do nothing…which I can kind of do…but, also, I’ve got all those life admin tasks to do.

Boring finance stuff, the dishes, vacuuming, tidying up crap, making food for the week.

I’ve also got my shirt cut out and ready to hand sew, which I’m super excited about.

I just want to watch movies all day, but I know if I don’t do the tidy up admin stuff I’ll really regret that. It’s probably less than an hours work, but I could punish myself and string it out all day.

I think it’s going to be better just to tackle this one head on.



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Day 817