No going back.

No going back. Drawing Luke Hockley.

No going back. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Dear Self,

Making a shirt by hand is proving to be a fascinating process.

I’m learning a lot about myself as I tackle each new stage.

I have this desire to continually work on the shirt, I love how it feels to see the next piece of the puzzle come together…at the same time I’m in a constant conversation with myself about avoiding the next step.

At the moment I am putting the sleeves into the arm holes. This is a classically fiddly thing to do. You generally have to ‘ease’ them in. I’ve also decided to use French seams…which means they will look better, be stronger…but are more difficult to do.

I’ve got one sleeve in and now what I need to do is trim the excess fabric off and fold the edge down and sew it. Trouble is there is no going back from this step. Once I have trimmed the fabric we are locked in. If I’ve got the sleeve in wrong, then I can’t really fix it easily…so I am avoiding the next step.

It is very good for me to have to take a deep breath and just commit to trimming the fabric. To accept I might get it wrong and trust I’ll work out how to solve it.

Avoiding the thing never really achieves anything.

And it is so satisfying when it’s done.

I’m pretty sure this is a story much bigger than making a shirt.



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