Yesterday, tomorrow and today.

Yesterday, tomorrow and today. Drawing Luke Hockley. 

Yesterday, tomorrow and today. Drawing Luke Hockley. 

Dear Self,

I'm making choices about my life with two things in mnd. 

Firstly, I ask can I live each day in a way that brings me joy, makes things better in the world and connects me with my friends and family? 

Secondly, I look up at the bigger picture and the way I'd like my life to be and ask...what am I prepared to today in order to make the things I want to happen happen? 

These two things are not always happy bedfellows.

They often require me to negotiate with that unwieldy beast, compromise.

Perhaps compromise is an unhelpful idea...tight rope walking, or plate spinning may be more apt. It is a dynamic balancing act. One which rewards my confidence in my ability to hold my past, present and future lightly as I address the immediate question at hand.  

And sometimes I fail. And there is a loud crashing noise, a chaotic tumbling, falling and uncertainty.

Then what? 

Then I have to remind myself of these two complimentary but contradictory ideas I hold and trust myself to know what to do next.