I can’t open Facebook.

I can't open Facebook. Drawing Luke Hockley.

I can't open Facebook. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Dear Self,

I can’t open Facebook at the moment.

It’s not very sensible. But every time I do I just feel icky.

I’ve been uncomfortable with how social media works for a long time.

I’ve really debated, seriously debated, with myself about the dream of not being on any social media platforms.


Well, because something about it feels dishonest. Something about it feels like we know, but don’t know, how it all works. We understand, but don’t understand what we are giving up.

It feels like we are part of a giant social experiment that has our money firmly in the middle of the experiment…but pretends that it doesn’t.

Why does all this matter to me?

Because I would like to do good in the world with the things I create.

And like it or not social media is now the way that I can speak to the world.

Facebook is the new Newspaper.

As a dancer I used to book an ad in the Newspaper (I know!) to advertise a dance piece I had made (it wasn’t that long ago). Now, very few people would do this. Advertising on Facebook is so easy, and targeted, and pretty effective (I think, but who can actually tell…).

And so, how can I make big change in the world without the new Newspaper?

Also, it’s how my friends keep in touch with what I am doing.

Also, what’s the alternative?

How would I spread what I am doing to a bigger audience if I don’t use social media?

I’m at a loss.

Self, what should I do?



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