The perfect fit.

The perfect fit. Drawing Luke Hockley.

The perfect fit. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Dear Self,

I’m currently attempting to get a sleeve to fit perfectly into the arm hole of the shirt I am hand sewing.

I thought I pretty much had it right with the last trial of the shirt I made…but it’s not quite there.


Sometimes I have an endless ability to pursue the details…and sometimes I don't!

I’m learning a lot by making this shirt.

Yesterday I sat in a public event and hand stitched the shirt.

It was a very brave thing for me to do, even though it was a totally accepting crowd (at The Weekly Service). I knew that I wasn’t going to get hassled…but it feels so personal to let people know that I can sew like this.

Which is odd.

It’s only because I am a man that I feel this way.

The two people I struck up a conversation with (a man and a woman) were both fascinated by my sewing. Somehow a man sewing led us to a very easy and natural conversation about gender.

Something special happened. I can’t quite explain it. In a very short time we spoke, and shared, and listened, and connected and cried and hugged.

I learnt a bit more about how a woman experiences the world.

Somehow being a man who sat in public hand sewing a shirt helped that happen.

I’m pleased I took the risk.

Next adventure…sewing on public transport.



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