The Great Unknown Everything.

The great unknown everything. Drawing Luke Hockley.

The great unknown everything. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Dear Self,

I have this image that has been with me for several days now...

It is of a small child standing in the corner of a room. The room is very dark and swirling all around him is a grey black mist that makes the room impenetrable and lonely.

The child isn’t distressed, just a little sad and lost.

The child notices a kind person standing in the room with them. It reaches out its hand. As the child takes the adults hand it no longer feels lonely, the mist evaporates and the little child sees that they are surrounded by light. The room is glowing. It is a warm white translucent box without any clear boundaries.

The child looks up at the adult and says:

“Where to now?

What’s for dinner?

How old are you?

Where are all my friends?


And with that it suddenly lets go of the adult’s hand and the grey black mist rapidly envelops them.

They stand there for a while in the dark. Wondering.

What they can’t see is that the adult is standing outside the room watching over them. 

The small child contemplates the mist.

They have a sense that they are still standing in the glowing box, that the mist is an illusion…they reach
their hand out to the adult and, once again, as they hold hands the mist disappears.

They let go and find themself again surrounded by the mist.

They reach out and as they touch instantly the mist is gone.

They let go and standing in the dark they realise that they can make the mist disappear any time they like.

The child turns and reaches for the adult’s hand and before they touch the mist clears. This time they look across and see the adult standing on the edge of a cliff. The adult has a small hand made backpack on their back and they look uncertain, tentative even a little afraid.

The child runs.

They run as fast as their little legs can run.

They run towards the adult standing looking out into the great unknown everything.

As they run the glowing translucent light gathers around them in a wild ball of swirling uncontrollable energy.

A few meters before they reach the adult the adult too starts running towards the edge of the cliff. 

Both the little child and the adult are running. 

Their hearts aching and pounding with possibility and fear, the swirling ball of light following rapidly behind them.

As the adult’s foot is about to leave the earth the child looks and sees that the adult is too far away to make it to them before they leap. 

The child panics. 

They lean forwards and push hard from their foot and leap and the swirling ball of light joins them and catapults them towards the adult. 

The little child and the light reach the adult just as their foot leaves the ground. 

The child and the light and the adult merge together and soar out into the great unknown everything.

Lots of love.


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