Coming home.

Coming home. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Coming home. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Dear Self,

I’ve spent the last three days with a group of people participating in a TaKeTiNa workshop.

It is the simplest, most straight forward thing and it is also inexplicable.

Forty of us stood around in a circle and created rhythms together. Singing, stepping, clapping. The group leaders set up the rhythm and then we are invited to fall in and out of that rhythm for an hour or so. Then we have a break, and a chat about it and then we go again, all day, for three days.

The thing about it is that the rhythms become too complex to learn academically. If I try and ‘solve’ the rhythm and get the call and response ‘right’ then I just feel stressed.

Surrender is encouraged.

Let go, lay down, listen to the room.

At one point during the chat afterwards someone spoke of their experience of returning to a traumatic time, the loss of someone they loved, and how they had been able to remember that time with love, feeling held, how they had experienced that love for an extended period of time.

Reinhardt nodded and looked at them and said…

“The pain releases and we come home.”

He repeated this idea of coming home several times.

It struck me, deeply.

Reinhardt, the founder of the work and leader of this workshop, believes passionately that people being in primal rhythm in groups like this is how we will heal the illogical ‘us and them’ divide that is plaguing the world.

Me too.

I think people coming together consciously in creative experiences like this is how we can release our collective pain and come home to a world where we take care of one another and ourselves.

I feel my pain healing and releasing.

I feel myself coming home.



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