Talking to my centre.

Talking to my centre. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Talking to my centre. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Dear Self,

I’m too quickly drawn away from my centre.

I don’t even really know what is my centre, truth be told.

I should. I think about it all the time…actually I viscerally know where my centre is, but I don’t have the words to articulate it.

Who cares? Well, me.

I find not having this anchor really discombobulating.

I find myself pulled around by the different opportunities that present themselves.

I want to clearly be able to say…

‘This is what I’m into, and this isn’t.’

So, hang on…what do I mean by “I viscerally know where my centre is”?

I mean that if I put my hand on my heart and ask myself a I get a signal, a cue, about what I should do. I know, but I don’t have the words for why.

So, doesn’t that say that I know where my centre is?

Is the problem that I want some words to make it easy to tell the story to myself and the world about what I want?

Mainly myself actually. I want the words because my desire to be successful/popular/recognized by my peers is so strong that I find myself drawn to things that I think might represent these things. I want the words that make it easy for me to let go of this kind of crap and just focus on what matters.

Also, I feel like there are many things that are in the centre…but I don’t know how to hold them all. I don’t know how to choose the order to do them. I can’t do everything at once – just too many ideas, so what’s for now and what’s for later?

I think I’d better just ask myself and trust the answers that I get.



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