What gives?

What gives? Drawing Luke Hockley.

What gives? Drawing Luke Hockley.

Dear Self,

What gives?

None of this makes sense.

I’ve had such a happy year. A super happy year so far…

And then this week I seem to have lost my mojo.

Just out of nowhere.

I keep looking at the tea leaves and asking…is that why I feel so wobbly?

Is it because of late nights? Or a series of weekends without a day off? Or am I fighting a cold? Or am I watching too much TV? Or eating too much sugar? Is it the moon? Is it the tide?

You see it all makes no sense because all the things I am doing are completely awesome. Campfire was spectacular. I am surrounded by beautiful people. I have time to create each week. I have meaningful work.

I am, on paper, very, very, happy and satisfied.

Feelings are so boring sometimes.

What do you need, self? Just tell me and I’ll do it.


You want dedicated time to make without the pressure of an outcome.


I’ll try that.



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