Failure that makes me hungry.

Failure that makes me hungry. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Failure that makes me hungry. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Dear Self,

I fail in different ways.

I fail catastrophically. That hurts and, luckily for me, doesn’t happen very often. It’s hard to come back from. My confidence gets a knock. I start to question the fundamentals of what I am doing and why. It takes a lot of kindness to get through this kind of failure.

There’s another kind of failure.

I fail in a way that makes me hungry to do better.

I’m going through this right now.

I took on something that was just outside of my realm of knowledge and experience. I had all the ingredients to make this particular recipe…but when it came time to make the cake…I didn’t quite know how to put it all together. Lots of the pieces worked but it I didn’t have that moment when you pull the cake out of the oven and you go ‘Wow! Look at that, it’s a thing!’.

It was hard work and uncomfortable and all over the place.

But I’m not shattered (well, I was straight after it…but a good sleep fixed that) I just can’t stop thinking about what to do with this thing. How it might work. What needs to be different. What needs to be amplified. What needs to be refined. It’s so close to being good, what would really make it a thing?

I failed just enough to make me hungry to get it right.

And I care enough about the thing to stick with it and possibly make it a thing.

If I’m going to fail, then this is the kind of failure I’m up for.



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