My friend Billie.

My friend Billie. Drawing Luke Hockley.

My friend Billie. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Dear Self,

I’ve been at my parent’s house for so many days now that I’ve lost track of what my usual rhythms and structures are.

That’s the magic of this time between Christmas and New Year. It belongs neither to last year nor to next year.

It is a timeless transition.

Yesterday my friend Billie and her family (Dale, Odin and Violette) called in for a cup of tea (with my brother Tom and Dad and Mum) and some back-yard water fights (with my nephews Lucas and Daniel and I).

What a delight.

It was one of those unscripted life moments that couldn’t have been more perfect.

Billie and I danced together in a company for about 3 years. Touring and rehearsing and creating and performing…and laughing, so much laughing.

Yesterday our families got to be with each other in that joyful, light hearted play that really reminded me of the spirit we had in our lives when we first met.

What a delight.



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