Joy in the long game.

Joy in the long game. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Joy in the long game. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Dear Self,

Recently I have surprised myself and discovered that I am someone who plays the long game. I think in ‘the big picture’ and make choices that set that picture up to succeed. 

I am pragmatic when any given move doesn’t achieve the intended aim. Shift tactics and keep moving.  

Thing is. I never knew I was doing this so diligently. I get lost in the day to day noise of it all. I lose sight so very easily of the long game I’ve set up and the progress I have made and I get anxious and stressed and...lost. Yes…lost. 

This year my goal is to look for the joy in the long game. The secret to this is to keep my movement/performance practice alive, to continue to create things with my hands and to spend deep time with my friends/family.  

Looking at my evenings and replacing screen time with making time would be a good move to support all this I reckon.  

Otherwise my schedule has the capacity to support my long game joy. I just need a strategy for when the day to day floods out the space for the daily/weekly practices that keep me grounded.  

That’s when I am likely to lose the plot.  

I think keeping my practices alive even if they are greatly truncated is the key. Move, create and connect with my community. Even if it is much less than is ideal in any given day...I think holding onto these threads and looking to the horizon when I will be back in a more balanced version of everything is how I can best manage keeping my daily joy as I play the long game.   



— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Day 1,111

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