Truly, madly, deeply.

Truly, madly, deeply. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Truly, madly, deeply. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Dear Self,

Once upon a time I hung out with a group of friends and, even though we were all well out of high school at the time (like, well out of high school), we felt compelled to act like joyful children and create a lip-sync-dance performance to Savage Garden’s song Truly, madly, deeply.

For all involved this was a truly remarkable thing.

I’m sure it was also as life changing for the audience as it was for us, the creators.

To feel this sense of playfulness with a group of adults is a special thing indeed.

We had this opportunity because we were all working together to deliver a program called the Future Makers Fellowship. Which was run by the Centre for Sustainability Leadership, affectionately known as CSL.

CSL has all but closed in its current form. Today we gathered to say goodbye.

We came together to do some of the most important work that I have been involved in. Helping people navigate their inner worlds so that they can grasp their full potential and apply it to the most significant challenges we face as a species.

The fact that, whilst we did this deep and meaningful work, we also laughed and played and carried joy in our hearts, well that fact is proof that what we were doing was really as good as we all had hoped it might be.

Farewell CSL.

I’m so pleased you helped us all find each other.



— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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