My wiser self.

My wiser self. Drawing Luke Hockley.

My wiser self. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Dear Self,

Over the last two days Matt and I did our annual planning together.

Over the las few years as our friendship has deepened and flourished we have supported each other in an ongoing discussion about life and where we are heading and all its ups and downs.

I think this is our second year of more formally getting together and working through the big questions we have for the next year or so.

Yesterday was really powerful for me. Matt has such an intuitive sense of how to guide the conversation. In particular he helped me tap into my wisdom.

I found a bigger perspective, a place from where I could see all the things I am doing and understand that I am playing the long game.

I realised that, whilst I’m good at imagining what the long game might be, I’m not so good at keeping the long game in mind whilst I live the day to day delivery of that bigger picture.

Which means I can get frustrated and disappointed in all the things I’m doing in order to deliver on my bigger vision.

In the daily minutia of delivery, I can forget that I am choosing all of this for a very good reason. Also, that the benefits of the long game are already here, now. There is some delayed gratification that I have to wait for…but it has been 14 years now of working on the long game. The richness of my life, the community of people who surround me, the art and joy and love that I get to participate in…all of this is the result of the long game.

In our planning time together I found a voice, a wiser self, through which I was able to give myself counsel.

This is the genius, black belt, skill of a friend and support like Matt. He isn’t trying to answer things for me. He is creating the space and opportunity for me to find my own answers. Occasionally that involves observations or insights from his perspective…mostly it is asking questions for me to reflect upon and discover my truth through.

He creates the chance for me to find my own wisdom and to choose the path I want to take.

That’s why my friend Matt is a very special gift in my life.