How to do a weekend?

How to do a weekend? Drawing Luke Hockley.

How to do a weekend? Drawing Luke Hockley.

Dear Self,

I am surprised to find myself saying that structure is very important to me.

I seem to really need to know what is going to happen and what will be followed by what. How long this will happen before I move onto that.

This structure is most important when I am working on my own and I have no external need to be somewhere or do something. I find in this situation I like to break the day up into chunks of time and then agree with myself what it is I am going to do in those chunks. Otherwise I sit around just doing nothing (on the internet) and then wondering where the day went and why I didn’t get any of the things done I wanted to get done.


I am on holiday and the only structure I need is to make sure I eat 3 meals a day. But in that situation, I really let all the threads go. Time changes, there is space all day. I find hours pass without me noticing. I enjoy this kind of time immensely…but it is hard to come back from and it’s not healthy for me all the time. I get a bit mushy and don’t like how that feels.

I think I get confused about how to do a weekend, a rest day…a day that is neither full on holiday nor a creative working day. I can end up a little in between the two things and not really feeling rested or productive.

It’s a bit confusing.



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