It’s a baby!

It's a baby! Drawing Luke Hockley.

It's a baby! Drawing Luke Hockley.

Dear Self,

My friends just had a baby!

I’m so excited to meet him.

Babies are great.

They are both perfectly formed and completely malleable.

Shaped by the genetic lottery and the home they are born into.

They are vulnerable.

A great responsibility.

I imagine that can feel like a lot of pressure.

And from what I can see everyone gets it wrong.

Everyone. Gets. It. Wrong.

Sleeping, crying, feeding, teething, rolling, crawling, walking, talking, friendships, learning, socializing, winning, losing, succeeding, failing, drinking, laughing, throwing up, driving, studying, careering, flat mating, romancing, sexing, heart breaking, coming home for Christmasing…

No way does anyone get all of that right.

Knowing it is going to be stuffed up there is only one thing that I can see any adult can do with a child.

Love unconditionally.

The rest will sort itself out.

My friends just had a baby. And I know they know how to love unconditionally.

That’s one lucky baby.



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