What’s with the Facebook face?

Dear Self, 

What’s with the Facebook face? 

Swipe, swipe, swipe, like, swipe, like, swipe, swipe, share, comment, swipe, swipe, swipe, tweet, swipe, swipe... 

It’s ok to do nothing on the tram. Well it’s impossible to do nothing. But you can sit there and look at the world. Listen to what is going on. Read a book. Write something down. Listen to a podcast or some music. 

I only mention it because you don’t really seem to enjoy it. You get this look on your face after a while that says ‘take me to your leader’. You look like you have become a two dimensional Facebook post. 

Your not always like this. Sometimes your just move between things and spend your time noticing the world. I’ve even seen you check in with the ‘social-sphere’ and look reasonably human. Other times it has got out of control, it has become a compulsion - not a genuine pleasure or interest. 

I just thought I’d mention it because last time you asked me to remind you the next time I saw it happen so you could choose to take a little break from it, if you wanted to. 

Hope that’s ok that I did.