The sweet spot – timing, circumstances, audacity and luck!

Dear Self,

There’s nothing quite like hitting the sweet spot.

For me it’s a magical combination of timing, circumstance, life experience, natural ability, hard work, enthusiasm, repetition, opportunity, audacity and luck.

When it happens it really does feel effortless. Which is dangerously deceptive. Because then it feels like this is how it should be all the time. Which of course it’s not.

Hitting the sweet spot does somehow lift my ability to be closer to the sweet spot every time. It lifts my baseline, grows my confidence and encourages me to believe that I have the capacity to do this thing at a higher and higher standard.

I could be talking about anything, but at the moment I’m thinking about when I’m performing. What does the sweet spot feel like to me?

It feels like we are a community (not an audience and a performer). It feels like I can stop mid way through something that’s not working, chat about it, resolve it or move on and that all of that is perfectly acceptable. It feels like anyone at any moment could get up and join me. It feels raucous, playful, touching, honest, spontaneous but also logical and inevitable. It feels connected.

Yes, I hit the sweet spot last night. I will savour this. I will store it up and use it as my power source when the going is a little tougher.

And rather than longing for it to happen every time I’ll be grateful that it happened at all and look to each new performance as an opportunity to learn a little more about finding that place again.