The Friendship Tree

The Friendship Tree


 Dear Self,

There is a grove of trees at the bottom of a ravine in a beautiful valley.

Everyday the sun shines magnificently upon these trees, but the trees themselves, at first glance, appear a little odd.

They have narrow, misshaped trunks that lead to spindly branches. On the end of these branches are muted coloured shapes that are a strange hybrid between leaf and fruit and dappled light.

They are standing at a reasonable distance from each other, independent, alone.

Each of them, when they look around, can see the beauty of the other trees that surround them, but not their own beauty.

Unexpectedly the coloured shapes on one of the trees begin to vibrate. They turn from the muted misshapen colours in to vibrant shimmering fruit, leaves and light.

The other trees see this vibrating tree’s branches are opening themselves up towards the sky. They look up and see a messy chaotic ball of light plummeting towards them.

As the tree’s limbs and leaves shimmer and shake in the direction of this messy ball of light they see that inside the ball of light is a person frantically building something.

The ball of falling human light speeds up.

The shimmering tree reaches towards this plummeting person, its branches outstretched, its shimmering light ready to act as a cushion.

But the falling is happening too fast.

There is no way this tree can absorb such intensity on its own.

But the tree reaches anyway.

Suddenly the leaves and fruit and light of another tree start to vibrate in the direction of the sky. And then another one does the same, and another, and another…until there is a circle around the original tree of other trees that have joined the vibration.

The falling human ball of light is getting closer and more frantic.

And then one of the trees starts to run.

Tearing their roots from the earth, loping across the space towards another tree. And then another does the same. And another, and another…

And the plummeting person is falling faster and faster and it becomes clear that they are building something that could save them from the fall.

The falling person is patching and fixing and hammering and stitching with all of their heart.

But the ground is coming towards them too quickly. And the falling human ball of light plummets towards the vibrating tree.

The other trees are running. As they arrive they interweave their branches and fit their odd shaped trunks together like a jigsaw puzzle. Their roots plunge deep into the earth and their vibrant shimmering fruit, leaves and light join together to create a giant shimmering ball of light ready to catch the falling person.

And the person builds furiously, and the tree leaves shimmer their encouragement brightly until eventually the falling ball of light and the shimmering trees merge into one.

There is an explosion of light that enters the earth, reflects high into the sky and illuminates the dark grey mist filled corners of the valley.

As the intense light clears there is a group of people left standing on the ground where the tree was. They are busily unpicking pieces of cloth and packing them away into a bag.

They laugh and cry and hug each other.

As they walk away, arms around each other, home for dinner, each of them plants a single seed in the ground, carefully covers it with a handful of vibrating dirt and allows a few of their happy sad tears to fall upon the earth and nourish the seed beneath the ground.

The tears slowly soak into the earth and eventually reach the seed where they dissolve into a dark grey mist that penetrates the seed. The mist swirls into the heart of the seed into a small glowing room where a small child stands facing away from us.

The child turns and reaches towards us. The dark grey mist and the glowing light merge and the seed bursts into life.

Lots of love.


— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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