Netflix made me do it.

Dear Self,

I’d like to make choices with my time that reflect the things that I think are important in the world.

A while ago we unplugged the TV. I was so happy with this but now we have this habit of logging on to Netflix for a month and bingeing on TV without advertisements.

I would rather read a book or listen to a podcast or learn a new song or play piano or write…

But I get to the end of the day and my habit is to ‘reward’ myself by checking out and sitting on the couch and watching some serial TV show.

I don’t want to overstate things here. I make a lot of great choices with my time. I’m just curious about this one. Sometimes I feel like I get a lot out of what I am watching…other times I am just going through the motions and avoiding the dishes or whatever.

I suppose the question is — Is what I am watching making me a better version of myself?

It might be time to cancel the Netflix subscription while I think about that.