If we could just lay off the self-flagellation...

Dear Self,

I’m feeling a little lowly today.

Perhaps I am fighting a cold, or maybe it was several late nights, or that quick trip interstate, or perhaps my diet isn’t quite right or I’m still sad about my aunt passing away…

Who knows?

Interestingly today seems to be the day that I have decided to chronicle all the stupid things I have done. All those embarrassing moments where I said something or did something and I really wish that I hadn’t.

And each one that I remember makes me feel a little bit worse.

Yes, I was an idiot. Many times. And I am absolutely prepared to take that on the chin, to make amends, to understand what it was and why it was.

But today? Why today?

I’m paddling like mad and I just have my head above the water line.

So if we could just lay off the self-flagellation for 24 hours that would be greatly appreciated.