A large pile of dirt.

Dear Self,

We moved into our place over a year ago now and one of the first visions we had was that our little yard would be full of vegie patches.

That first spring we managed to get one patch in place but the other two just lay around waiting to be filled and planted out.

We kept telling ourselves we would get a big pile of dirt delivered from a garden supply place…but we were busy and we were worried that the truck wouldn’t fit down our narrow driveway and that the pile would make a mess that would upset our neighbours…and so it never happened.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday we spent the day at home and in the morning talked about the big pile of dirt. We went to order it…and then it looked like it might rain and that it would turn to mud in the driveway and well we had better not…and we nearly didn’t and then we just decided to order it anyway and deal with whatever happened.

They dumped it in our driveway at 3pm and by 7pm we had cleared the pile and created our two new vegie patches.

Throughout the process we talked about our home and the other things we might like to do here. We imagined things and worked together to create the kind of place we wanted to live in.

It can take much longer to make a vision happen than I think is reasonable. That doesn’t mean these things won’t happen and it doesn’t mean they aren’t still worth doing.

It is much more than a large pile of dirt. It’s the fertile earth in which we grow our lives.

Well worth the wait.