We’ve got a cumquat tree.

We've got a cumquat tree. Drawing Luke Hockley.

We've got a cumquat tree. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Dear Self,

Yesterday our washing machine died.

It stopped working a few days ago, but the service person arrived yesterday and declared that it was time to say goodbye.

One of our best friends Megan gave it to us. She was our flat mate for many years in a run-down old rambling house we lived in (for about 18 years). The washing machine was the fanciest thing in the house. Brand new, water saving, energy efficient, front loading and all that.

When she left she left she just left it behind and said, ‘You can have that.’

At about the same time a cumquat tree arrived in our back yard…the same way things seem to magically happen in our house.

It was very exciting.

The three of us started up a song that we would randomly sing throughout the house (to the tune of ding dong the witch is dead)

“We’ve got a cumquat tree
We’ve got a cumquat tree…”

One year we even made cumquat jam, which stayed in the cupboard for about 7 years…

All of that happened at least 15 years ago.

When I think of all the clothes that machine has washed in 15 years…well, I’m so very grateful.

I don’t want to let it go, but sometimes it’s time.

I called Megan to tell her, we hadn’t chatted for a little while, because, you know, life, and reconnected.

I’m sitting on the couch in our new home (we left the ramshackle place about 2 years ago) looking out the kitchen window at our cumquat tree.

It is still thriving, thanks to that magic that seems to be around our house that also makes things grow, and I’m singing that song over and over in my head and I’m very grateful for the life I have and the beautiful people I have in it.



— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

I’m performing a reading of selected Dear Self letters in the Melbourne Fringe Festival.
Dear Self – Friendship.
 September 16th/23rd/30th (click the link, click the link...)