Dear Billie.

Billie and Luke — image Natasha Blankfield

Billie and Luke — image Natasha Blankfield

Dear Billie,

Exactly 365 days ago I asked you if I could write you a daily email for a week in order to see if I might be able to sustain a daily blog.

You, of course, said yes — and so it began.

7 days became 14, and then 30, and then 60, then 90…and on and on.

Eventually my daily writing took on the shape of “Dear Self”. I stopped clogging up your inbox every day and I went public.

I was trying to work out what I would like to do to celebrate my year of writing daily. I decided that I would celebrate by writing an open letter to you about why I chose you as my support crew on this project.

I chose you Billie because you are a beautiful human. You see the good in me. You see my potential. You fan the flame. You believe in my ideas. You know I will succeed even when I do not. In doing all of that you create a space for art to happen.

I chose you because you are a sophisticated, dedicated and humble artist who doesn’t throw their ego around when it comes to holding another artists work in your hands for a moment.

I chose you because you make me laugh. You enjoy life and live all of it all the time. You breathe passion into everything you do.

I chose you because you tell me the truth. I trust you to tell me the truth because I know you want me to succeed.

I chose you because you are my friend. I can see now that a friend is what I most needed to help coax my writing out into the open. A friend who would hold my hand and say…

“That’s it, keep going, look at you, you’re doing it…”

I’m so blessed to have you in my life Billie.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.