Adding value.


Dear Self,

My friend Matt once said to me that my great gift in the world is that I am able to add value.

When he said this, it made sense to me. I know what he is talking about, I can feel the rooms we have been in together where I have done this.

Intuitively I get it.

But I also don’t get it.

How is this a thing?

The thing is I can add value in lots of different situations in lots of different ways. What am I doing? I’m asking questions of things, understanding the context in which those things are happening, watching and listening to the people who are saying the things to see if they are making sense to them and then proposing a hypothesis, a guess for what might be going on.

So how do I use this gift as a yardstick for making decisions about how to focus my attention in life.

Because I’m ready to focus my attention.

And I don’t quite know how to do it.



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