The same thing again

The same thing again. Drawing Luke Hockley.

The same thing again. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Dear Self,

I can find it very hard to remember what it was I agreed with myself to do.

I hate spending time re-prosecuting the same thing…but I tend to do it more often than I feel comfortable admitting.

Perhaps it is a necessary part of the process?

This time round things did get crystalised more. I worked through some of the grey mush and gave it some clearer edges. I made some decisions.

I just really hope I am able to hold onto those decisions next time this wobble happens so that I don’t spend a long time treading water.

My worry is that I spend time re negotiating what has already been negotiated and agreed so that I don’t have to get on with doing the thing that I actually am very excited about doing but am clearly avoiding because it is unknown.

Ok. So, don’t do that anymore.




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