Where do phone numbers live?

Where do phone numbers live? Drawing Luke Hockley.

Where do phone numbers live? Drawing Luke Hockley.

Dear Self,

I used to be able to learn a phone number.

I used to have to be able to learn a phone number…because that’s what you did. You would learn your home phone number and the phone number of friends and relatives…because otherwise you wouldn’t be able to contact anyone in an emergency.

I now know my own phone number and that is it.

I wouldn’t even recognize the numbers of the people I love.

Why? Because ‘smart phone’ is why.

I’m suddenly very interested in being able to memorise things.

Two reasons.

I’d like to be able to learn the words to a song reasonably quickly so I can add it to my repertoire.

I’m being asked to learn the words to a poem at the moment (for a workshop I am about to do) and I am finding it remarkably difficult (it is a very obtuse piece of verse, in my defense!)

I’m also probably thinking of getting older.

I was never very good at learning things by heart…I’m much better at keeping the vibe of the thing in mind and improvising around it. Actually, that’s not true. My ability to memorise things selective. If I am deeply curious or interested in something and I have a reason to memorise it then I have shown great capacity to do it…normally I’m not that motivated. Curiosity is the key.

I do like the idea of finding new skills and learning how to do them. I’m curious if memorising things is a skill I can master.

Let’s see.


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