Self-aware or self-obsessed?

Self-aware or self-obsessed? Drawing Luke Hockley.

Self-aware or self-obsessed? Drawing Luke Hockley.

Dear Self,

I’m selfish.

My life is so incredibly privileged.

I am so privileged I don't even know how to spell privilege.

I feel like I can’t be faulted on intention. I really want to make the world better, honestly, hand on heart, better…but I am concerned that I may not really be having an impact of any sort.

I spend this time every day writing to you in order to cultivate a deep self-awareness and to inspire others to self-reflect. Because I believe if more of us really saw ourselves for who we are, accepted our own foibles and limitations and loved ourselves anyhow, if we were able to better identify what matters to us then we would then go on to make more of our life decisions in line with our own values and belief system.

I fundamentally believe we are good and that a lack of kind hearted yet honest self-awareness is a big barrier to each of us realising our potential and making a significant contribution to the world.

But I worry that I may just be distracting myself from taking the actions that I really know I want to take in the world. There are issues that matter to me that I would like to inspire action around.

Am I doing that?

How could I do that?

Do I need to give up this self-reflection in order to create the space for that to happen or is it the vital ingredient that will make that action potent and possible?

Am I self-aware or self-obsessed?



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